Is Quality Healthcare A Right, Or A Privilege?: 4 Essentials

By | May 21, 2023

It must become, more than, merely, an existential concept/ philosophy, whether, we consider, affordable, quality, healthcare, to be, a right, or, a privilege! Instead of looking at this, from an idealistic, political perspective, and declare, we need, a single – payer system (what is being called, Medicare – For – All), the actual, pragmatic humane consideration, should, and must be, whether, all people should be able to receive proper medical treatment, or, if, in a nation, whose Constitution, affirms, liberty, freedom, and justice for all, isn’t the right thing, for us to do, as a nation, is guarantee all our citizens, an affordable, system, where receiving quality care and attention, and having the ability to obtain necessary prescription drugs, becomes a human right? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 essential factors and considerations.

1. Universal health insurance coverage: When the Affordable Care Act, was enacted, in 2010, it was an attempt to ensure, Americans, could have medical/ health insurance, instead of having tens of millions, uninsured! Perhaps/ probably, because of politics, and partisanship, the legislation was flawed, because it wasn’t thorough, enough, nor did it have, all the necessary protections, or ability to enforce, properly. It never addressed issues, such as the excessive costs of malpractice insurance (and its associated costs), negotiating fairer drug pricing, etc! Since the election of Donald Trump, as President, and, for the first two years of his administration, his political party, controlling both houses of Congress, several attempts, have been made, to weaken many of the protections, built – into this law!

2. Affordable prescription drugs: Why do we, in this country, often, pay, so much more for the identical drugs, than most of the rest of the world? While, pharmaceutical companies, need to make a profit, and operating in this country, may be expensive, we need to demand, we pay, no more than a reasonable amount more (perhaps, 10 to 20%), than the average, others pay! Isn’t it a priority, for us, to guarantee, our citizens, have the ability to obtain, needed medications, in an affordable way?

3. Broad coverage: Only, when health insurance policies, provide broad coverage, without so many restrictions, will we guarantee, affordable health care, is more, than, merely, available, but meaningful!

4. No pre – existing conditions exclusions: We must demand, pre – existing conditions, are covered, to ensure quality health care, to our population!

Isn’t it, about time, for us, to demand, providing quality healthcare, to all our citizens, regardless of their finances, needed, necessary, and the only humane policy? Wake up, America, and demand better!